• Ariston Boiler Error Codes

Listed below are Ariston boiler fault codes and Ariston boiler Manuals.

Fault Code
Possible Cause
Central Heating Circuit
101 Overheat
102 pressure sensor error
103 Insufficient circulation
104 Insufficient circulation
105 Insufficient circulation
106 Insufficient circulation
107 Insufficient circulation
108 Insufficient water (request filling)
110 C.H. Flow temp. probe circuit open / short circuit
112 C.H. Return temp. probe circuit open / short circuit
114 External sensor circuit open / short circuit
116 Floor Thermostat contact open
118 Heating delevery probe problem
1p1 Insufficient circulation indication
1p2 Insufficient circulation indication
1p3 Insufficient circulation indication
D.H.W Circuit
202 “2 Bottom storage temperature probe open/short circuit”
204 “Solar collector temperature probe open/short circuit”
207 Solar collector overheating
208 Collector frost protection temperature
208 Collector frost protection temperature
Internal P.C.B’s
301 EEPROM error
302 Comunication error
303 Main P.C.B. error
304 Too many (> 5) resets in 15 minutes
305 Main P.C.B. error
306 Main P.C.B. error
307 Main P.C.B. error
External P.C.B’s
407 7 Room sensor circuit open/short circuit
501 No flame detected
Ignition and Detecion
501 No flame detected
502 Flame detected with gas valve closed
504 Flame lift
5P1 1st Ignition Failed
5P2 2nd Ignition Failed
5P3 Flame cut-of
Air Inlet / Flue gas outlet
604 Insufficient fan speed
610 Thermofuse open
Multi-zone Heating
701 Zone 2 outgoing sensor defective
702 Zone 2 return sensor defective
703 Zone 3 outgoing sensor defective
704 Zone 3 return sensor defective
705 Hydraulic separation sensor defective
706 Zone 2 overheating
707 Zone 3 overheating

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